Create a truly national cultural self-confidence of the beauty brand makeup

06/21/2021 li Anne

As a post-90s investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, the fashion industry knows Wendy Yu very well, but as the creative director of a beauty company, this is a brand new title for her.

As a heavyweight in the fashion industry, Yu Wanwan takes fashion and art as the starting point, and wants to create a beauty brand with true national cultural confidence.

Yu Wanwan once said: “I find that I often use brands from Japan, Korea, the United States or Europe. I want to know why C-beauty has not risen, because you can see that Chinese fashion designers are on the rise, but C-beauty does not But it has not risen on a global scale.”

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And now, Yu Wanwan ’s luxury art beauty brand YUMEE Yumi was finally born after a year and a half of preparation time.

The brand name YUMEE not only contains the homophony of the founder’s name, but the “Yu” of Yumi means beautiful jade, which means wisdom inside and outside; “Power” is a power in mathematics, which means beauty gives unlimited possibilities.

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The first three products launched by YUMEE are lipsticks, three-color high discs, eyeshadow palettes, etc. It is particularly worth mentioning that the eyeshadow palette adopts a step-by-step spherical shape and is inspired by Western architectural aesthetics. The lipstick also comes with faux leather tassels, which can be hung on a key chain or wallet.

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