Hua Zhizhi uses “girl heart” to interpret national style

06/22/2021 li Anne

The domestic cosmetics brand Hua knows that Flower Knows once again joins hands with the girlish clothing brand PrettyRockBaby to launch the co-branded Flower God series.

As the first national style series that Hua knows about, this series has embossed blushes in 6 colors, cushions in 3 colors, honey powders, matte lipsticks in 8 colors, etc. Each product uses flowers and birds. While other freehand paintings show the national style, bow knots, reliefs and other elements are added to highlight the girlish feeling.

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According to the brand Weibo, Huazhizhi adopted consumer feedback and used original mold-opening alloy parts to make the outer packaging of the product. The single product price of this series of products is between 39-89 yuan.

Among them, the shell and powder core of the honey powder cake and the air cushion are sold separately to meet the needs of consumers for free matching. At the same time, they can be used interchangeably and meet the environmental requirements of environmental and sustainable development.

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