A waterproof eye makeup product

06/30/2021 li Anne

The Aqua series of Make Up FOR Ever is the waterproof makeup specially designed by Dany Sanz, the founder of the brand, FOR water ballet dancers. No matter the test of humidity, sultry, sweat, high temperature and other environments, it can achieve efficient waterproof and anti-halo.

New AQUA24H waterproof series, the series after 22 project polar test instruments, including climate and endurance sports field tests, etc., with 24 hours of its makeup, sports girl can also bring the beautiful makeup look to sweat Composition is also made on the optimization, improved color saturation, the more smooth not agglomeration, to make up a small white can better get started.

It is featured with 24H waterproof eyeliner glue pen and 24H waterproof eye shadow pen. It has 10 colors of bright color eyeliner glue pen and 14 colors of glossy eye shadow pen. The texture is smooth and stretchable, and it is easy to apply makeup accuratelyAnd through the ophthalmologist professional certification, will not stimulate the eyes, eyes sensitive or wearing contact lenses can also feel at ease to use.

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