Color makeup infinite downward

07/22/2021 li Anne

Just like the domestic cosmetics brand in the Red Sea market when the fight, children’s cosmetics began to quietly occupy the children’s mind.After all, children’s money is best earned.

Children’s world has been comprehensively surrounded, in some popular children’s drama, animation, cartoon, the character image is also becominground” beautiful, and Disney’s “Princess on the run makeup” is a delicate girl’s visual imagination.

June 1 show approaching, chicken baby is blood, but also children’s beauty makeup flood.Even if the school does not require, parents will take the initiative to put on a full makeup for their children, base makeup, eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss a lot.Children who forget to make up in the “beauty show” in the first year will also take the initiative in the second year, and even do not need intermediary factors to pursue the spread of beauty.

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