From the Beauty of Lips to the Beauty of Nature: Aptar Reboul’s Lipstick

02/25/2021 li Anne


Aptar Reboul, a recognised leader in the field of prestige lipsticks, is taking advantage of the current sanitary period to consolidate and expand its range of virtuous packaging solutions by limiting their ecological footprint.

With the expertise gained in the prestige lipstick field in the past 100 years, Aptar Reboul is strengthening its expertise in sustainable development. “This is one of our main commitments to sustainable development,” explains SandrineBr Chon, manager of innovation and development. “The health crisis has accelerated people’s ecological awareness, and we are committed to providing customers with the best response measures to reduce the impact on the environment.”

Luxury and prestige

Based on its patent mechanism, iconic (whose quality has been recognized by most luxury brands in the world and has now become its core scope), aptar reboul is committed to developing standards and specific versions that meet the requirements of circular economy.
Indeed, “if you can use a new combination of materials (metal, plastic or both), this prestige standard will offer a wide range of possibilities to meet the needs of our customers seeking to provide eco design, recyclable, refillable and aesthetic packaging,” designated Sandrine br é Chon.

Sustainable Innovation

It merged with the aptar group in 2018, benefiting the company from the evaluation of the material procurement team and its supplier network on the one hand, and the support of the working group dedicated to sustainable materials and eco design on the other. “Combined with our respective experience, we can make faster progress and explore innovation opportunities, thus consolidating our leading position in lipstick based on recyclable and recyclable materials in terms of technology and aesthetics,” assured aptar reboul, development and innovation manager.
For example, the company has incorporated plastic or metal based recycled materials into its new development of mechanisms and lipstick boxes. For the innovative lush lipstick, for example, the packaging is entirely metal, does not use plastic, and uses 30% to 40% recyclable material.
The refillability of lipstick tubes is another innovation of aptar reboul, and all parts need to be redesigned. Sandrine br é Chon stressed: “here, we can again rely on the group’s expertise in material knowledge and injection molding of complex plastic parts, so as to be able to cope with complex or easily separated single material assembly design.”

Stamping and finishing

Aptar reboul is widely recognized for its expertise in the field of lipstick mechanism, and is well-known for its right to complete metal stamping (obtained the French trademark “Patrimoine Vivante entreprise Du Patrimoine Vivante” in 2017) and finished product decoration. Sandrine br é Chon pointed out: “local production has greatly reduced the carbon dioxide emissions of final products to European customers.”
As a result, aptar reboul ensures 100% manufacturing of lipstick boxes and their decorative aluminum or brass parts, which requires a variety of technologies from painting (stripe appearance) to carving (relief appearance), including painting, pad printing and screen printing. The complexity of lipstick dressings and decorations makes aptar reboul also rely on the expertise of aptar Annecy in the field of anodization and aptar oyonax in the field of vacuum metallization, thus opening up a broad research field to meet the changing needs. The demand for personalized packaging is growing.

With the help of aptar reboul, lip make-up has now become a beauty gesture, which also integrates the beauty of nature.