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07/29/2021 li Anne

Fenty has become one of the most recognizable brands in the beauty world in recent years.

The mulatto rihanna created the brand with the aim of creating affordable, all-encompassing cosmetics.

Like many young girls, she grew up obsessively studying cosmetics.

When she entered the entertainment industry, but found that the standard of beauty and its single, not suitable for their own.So, she wants to change that.

The author notes that working with a high-end fashion brand doesn’t mean Rihanna is pricing her cosmetics high.When the collection was first launched in 2017, it was sold in a number of stores, including Sephora.Its biggest feature is that it challenges beauty standards with more than 40 shades of foundation, with the darker shades selling out quickly.

Her foundation, which started out in 40 shades, has since expanded to 50, and dark eyeshadow has been selling particularly well.She caters to a market that is in high demand, and her models have personalities.

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