Expandscience Strengthens Its CSR Approach and Introduces Organic Raw Avocado Oil

03/02/2021 li Anne

Expanscience gears up its CSR approach and launches organic virgin avocado oil

In the beauty market, as consumers pay more and more attention to product quality, consumers are gradually turning to stakeholders: what is the source of the product? How does it affect my skin? What about the environment? How do I determine its quality? Brands should be able to answer all these questions to regain the trust of customers.

Trust is fashionable

Providing natural or organic products can ease some concerns, but now it is necessary to go further: brands must be transparent and show traceability across the supply chain from the factory to the product.
In order to continuously improve and meet the growing demand, Laboratoires expansion is launching an organic original avocado oil [1], which is cosmos certified and 100% made in Peru.

At expansscience, the upgraded avocado is the core of our development strategy!

From day one, the expansscience lab has turned avocados into a remarkable product.
We have been in Peru for more than 15 years to ensure that our customers have perfect control over the avocado supply chain and its traceability. If you want to learn more and see something in our avocado supply chain, please click here for a short trip to Peru.
To further enhance our upgrade concept, organic, unclassified and non exportable avocados are used to produce our organic original avocado oil *.

Peru made organic original Avocado Oil 100%

Our organic original avocado oil is obtained from the whole avocado through a patented process of expandscience: slicing the skin, pulp and kernel, dehydrating and cold pressing. This has several advantages:

–100% valuable avocado: all the molecular richness and original properties of avocado are found in this oil.

–Zero waste: there’s nothing left in the trash can, nothing spilled out!

–Virgin oil: this physical process does not require solvents and does not degrade key molecules in avocado.

The process was carried out at desidratados tropicals, our vegetable processing plant in Lima, Peru. The product was acquired in 2016 to ensure our supply, which also enables us to keep as close as possible to the origin of avocados, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of transportation.

Sorting of dried avocado slices at our plant in Peru

A soft protective oil

The moisturizing and nutritional properties of the oil are attributed to its balanced ingredients, which are close to sebum and therefore well tolerated.
These benefits can be explained by the composition of the oil, which is naturally rich in unsaponifiables (> 3%), the most precious molecule in the oil and has natural antioxidant capacity. Its fatty acid characteristics are also unique because it is unique to avocados: it is rich in oleic acid (Ω – 9), palmitoleic acid (Ω – 7), and finally palmitic acid.
This unique ingredient makes it an ideal oil to nourish and protect the skin. The oil is also known to increase the luster of hair.
By combining traceability, naturalness, renewability and zero waste with organic certification, this new organic raw avocado oil will be able to meet the requirements of all cosmetic markets. Another good news: you can buy it now!

[1] according to Cosmos standard, Ecocert Greenlife certified 100% organic. Accept Ecocert Greenlife certified raw materials for finished formulations.