Natural Green Chemistry

05/26/2021 li Anne

Natural Green Chemistry

Last summer, SEPPIC released a report about its emogreen ™ A series of videos. This short video and its exciting soundtrack pay homage to the beauty of our planet and reveal a range of plant-based alkanes ™ The environmental advantages of the project. This time, we interviewed Sabrina mizael, moisturizer product manager and campaign coordinator.

Why did you decide to talk about alkanes?

Sabrina mizael – in the cosmetics industry, alkanes are known for their sensory properties. They have been widely used all over the world for a long time. Historically, they are synthetic or mineral. Although these compounds can be obtained from plants, it should be said that due to their inci name (alkane), brands and consumers still stigmatize them because they believe that they are synthetic products of fossil origin. In essence, alkanes don’t have the best picture.
At SEPPIC, we understand this concern, so we decided to emphasize that alkanes can also be natural sources, because plants themselves are synthesized from them. This is our video Storytelling (by make it bloom! Because nature is made up of atoms and molecules, everything is chemistry! Chemistry and nature are not against it.
As the cosmetics market has been looking for innovative, efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly ingredients, we decided to launch emogreen ™ These two nonpolar emollients meet all of these criteria. They are natrue certified, cosmos and Ecocert certified, and 100% come from responsible plant biomass. Palm oil biomass is a non transgenic organism, which can be traced back to plantation and covered by quality balance certificate according to RSPO standard. These emollients are also easily biodegradable (86% to 89% at 28 days, according to the OECD 301B protocol). In fact, as soon as they were launched, they were praised by professionals for their innovation, sensuality and Sustainability: the Gold Award in the “innovative functional ingredients” category of in cosmetics Asia, and the most sustainable ingredient award at the “sustainable future” Symposium of the New York Association of cosmetic chemists. The other two Asian trophies reward their skin sensation with the best sensory ingredient award and the best sensory enhancer award respectively.

This video shows emogreen ™ Advantages in sustainability and responsibility. Can you tell us more?

Sabrina mizael – consumers want natural and biodegradable cosmetics to have the least impact on the environment. Emogreen ™ Series has contributed to this revolution towards more responsible and beautiful development, which is why we decided to emphasize SEPPIC’s commitment in our development strategy: to provide a new generation of emollients based on renewable resources and involving complex purification processes. In addition to the neutral carbon footprint calculated from “cradle to gate” (from plantation to leaving factory), its main advantage over silicone oil is silicone oil (the latter consumes five times as much energy as the latter), and our applied research shows that emogreen has the following advantages: 1 ™ Our carbon footprint is also five times higher. These oils are excellent sensory substitutes.

You mean emogreen ™ Do you have more assets from the natural sources described in the video?

Sabrina mizael – yes, through in-depth sensory analysis, emogreen ™ The series has an emotional advantage. Some of these studies even involve neuroscience methods, such as the study of rhythm (musicality and intensity of sound), because the team members used different formulas. Emogreen ™ It has produced a very positive mood and achieved feats equivalent to velvet like touch, unlimited sliding effect or powdery quality of silicone oil. As we all know, this kind of oil is highly praised by consumers.

Do you have any information about the formulator?

Sabrina mizael – yes, absolutely! High purity (unique patent purification process), inert, non oxidizable, stable and non acne Emogreen ™ It’s general purpose oil. These emollients not only have good fluidity and transparency, but also are easily incorporated into the formulation, and are compatible with all types of oil phases (vegetable oils, esters, silicone oils, mineral oils, etc.). Emogreen ™ It can be used in all cosmetic applications (skin care, hair care, sunscreen, makeup, deodorant, cleaning, hair dyeing, hair removal products, etc.). Some of their features even make them unique in some applications. For example, compared with other market references such as silicone or isododecane, emogreen ™ They provide better cleaning effect, and they have the advantages of natural and easy biodegradation.
Emogreen ™ The series is both a commitment to sustainable beauty and a source of sensibility, representing a new generation of emollients that respect today and future generations!