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Cross – boundary cooperation to do makeup


Fenty has become one of the most recognizable brands in the beauty world in recent years. The mulatto rihanna created the brand with the aim of creating affordable, all-encompassing cosmetics. Like many young girls, she grew up obsessively studying cosmetics. When she entered the entertainment industry, but found that the standard of beauty and its […]

How to paint good makeup


1. Establish face modification and eyebrow shape First of all, before starting makeup, you should first pluck out the miscellaneous hairs other than the shape of the eyebrows, such as between the eyebrows, under the eyebrow peaks, and where the eyebrow peaks are too thick. 2. Put on foundation Because oily skin is very prone […]

Favorite art externalized into a cosmetic brand


Rbow stands for rainbow, and rainbow is a natural phenomenon that everyone likes. The brand’s product range includes hand care, body creams, lip balm and perfumes. Rbow’s body lotion and shower gel also contain ultra-moisturizing ingredients. For lip care, Rbow offers a variety of colorless and colored vegan lip balm. The brand’s star products include a […]