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Expandscience Strengthens Its CSR Approach and Introduces Organic Raw Avocado Oil

Supply Chain

In the beauty market, as consumers pay more and more attention to product quality, consumers are gradually turning to stakeholders: what is the source of the product? How does it affect my skin? What about the environment? How do I determine its quality? Brands should be able to answer all these questions to regain the […]

From the Beauty of Lips to the Beauty of Nature: Aptar Reboul’s Lipstick

Supply Chain

Aptar Reboul, a recognised leader in the field of prestige lipsticks, is taking advantage of the current sanitary period to consolidate and expand its range of virtuous packaging solutions by limiting their ecological footprint. With the expertise gained in the prestige lipstick field in the past 100 years, Aptar Reboul is strengthening its expertise in […]