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In the UK, a kas estate is a large farm estate, often in the countryside, with a number of smaller farms, and usually located near the coast. The name derives from the fact that the owner is a member (or a tenant) of the estate, and the estate holds a legal contract with the tenant, giving him the right to a specific amount of land.

We’ve been lucky enough to have one of these estates for a client, and have been lucky enough to have had a kas estate for a client since we first started working together. The land and the kas estate are what make the estate estate a real estate deal. It’s not simply a farm, it’s a business and a home, and it’s been great so far to work with all the great people that have been helping us get to this point.

The kas estate is one of the most complicated real estate deals I’ve ever seen, because, in Ghana for example, most of the land in a kas estate is owned by a tenant, and the tenant has legal rights to certain areas of the land. The tenant may also have a right to take the land for certain purposes such as building a house, having a business on it, or just using the land to grow things for themselves.

The land that I’m going to be working on is owned by a Ghanaian who is planning to build a mansion. He’s planning to use this mansion as a home for himself, his family, and possibly some people he doesn’t know all too well. It’s going to be a massive mansion; bigger than the one at the kas estate, and it’s going to have to be on the largest tract of land he has.

In the original game, there were no limitations on how many people a mansion could have, nor did it take into account how many people the mansion was going to house. As the game went, people started going crazy with them. The game didn’t take into account the fact that these homes were going to be an actual home, but the game was more of an abstract exercise in creating one.

As it turns out, Kas and his wife, Meryle, had a lot of money and the ability to do whatever they wanted with their mansion. Kas wanted to turn it into a private club, and he tried to get Meryle to work for him to help him with the renovation. The mansion was built out of wood, as it was a lot of work to put into a structure made of wood, and that was the problem.

Kas tried to get Meryle to work as a maid, and she refused because she was already well paid for her work. As it turned out, she was only willing to work as a maid if she was making extra money. It turns out that Kas was more than willing to pay Meryle for her services. In fact, Kas and Meryle had agreed to pay Meryle $500 a month.

Kas and Meryle may be the only two people in history who have been happily married for forty years, but they had a falling out after Kas became a full-time property developer. It’s unclear if the dispute was about money, the fact that Kas felt he needed to take over Meryle’s entire estate, or something else.

The reason I’m talking about this is because I just happened to notice this in the trailer. Kas and Meryle have decided to split the estate up, with Kas selling off his property in the south. Meryle decided to buy the villa in the north and have an estate of her own. It’s unclear why Kas was so upset about it, but I’m sure the reason is that he actually did benefit from the split. He had an income and a place to live.

Well, that may have been a problem for Kas, as Meryle has since started a new estate of her own as well. I’m not sure when Kas left his property, but it may have been when Meryle purchased the villa. This is why it has been difficult to find out who Kas was really dealing with. Its also why it was difficult to find out what made him so mad about the split.

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