20 Things You Should Know About kermit the frog meme none of my business


I know that I should not be the one to ask questions that directly affect the lives of others, but I am curious about why there is such a strong reaction to the Kermit the Frog meme.

Because it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of a meme that has such a massive effect on a community, I am a bit baffled by the reaction. It is like seeing a small group of people who have always considered themselves to be in the “cool” demographic suddenly take it all serious. I understand that this video was supposed to be funny but the reaction I’ve seen is really out of character.

Im not going to ask anyone about that. It’s more that the meme is not a joke, but it also isn’t so much about the meme itself, but the way that video went viral. As a comedy, it was a great move. As a meme, it is just stupid.

I dont think this comment is about the video, I think it is about the meme. Im not saying the video is stupid, I just dont think the meme is a very funny one. I would have liked to see the video actually be funny. Its sort of like seeing a group of guys taking their shirts off and then sitting in the corner of the room. I was a bit disturbed by the reaction. Kermit the frog is not just a funny meme, its a funny meme.

I have never seen a video that has gotten such a reaction from a group of people. I don’t know why people find it funny. I know its not as bad as the video, but it made me laugh.

The video was actually funny for me, but I found the reaction of the people who laughed disturbing. I think many people find a meme funny, but only if they are entertained. But I think the reaction of the people who were laughing made it seem as if the video was a joke. I didn’t think it was very funny, but I was interested to see what the reaction would be if it was, and I didn’t see it.

Of course, this is the internet and this happens all the time. People find memes funny. That is, until they are told what meme they are laughing at. When that happens, the laughter becomes much more serious.

I don’t know the origin of kermit the frog but it’s certainly not a meme. It’s a cartoon character that’s popular in animated movies, and is commonly used for comedic effect. I was actually very surprised at the strong reaction of our visitors who saw the video, even though it was clearly a joke. And yes, we did get a lot of laughs out of it.

Kermit the frog is one of those characters that is so popular that he has become a meme. A meme is something that is meant to be funny, but in a way that makes people laugh regardless of their true feelings. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed like Kermit the frog did in that video. And yes, even though it was clearly a joke, there was a lot of sadness in his voice.

As it turns out, Kermit the Frog (and this meme) came about because Kermit is a fictional character from the animated movie Kermit the Frog. A lot of people associate Kermit with jokes in general, but some believe that because he is so popular that he is “real,” that he has a soul. Regardless of that, our commenters have a lot of fun with Kermit and the meme.

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