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Business automation has started changing the face of every market in the world since it was first invented. It is a recent occurrence that has revolutionized business by taking on tasks that would otherwise have to be done manually, to improve productivity and efficiency.

To illustrate this point, one can go back to 1814 when Samuel Slater set up his factory in England and created the first knitting machine by connecting motion power from a water wheel to his knitting frames. This business automation eventually led to mass production of sweaters, socks, stockings and other garments. The invention also brought about industry expansion as people started buying these items simply because they were affordable – there are currently over 2 million automated factories operating worldwide today.

In the early 1900s, American industrialist Henry Ford began mass producing cars in a new style called assembly line. This advanced manufacturing method involved putting together cars of different models in rows on a conveyor belt, which made them easier to produce by eliminating the need for workers to perform different tasks on each car. The manufacturing process of this time period was also known as being manual and thus required human efforts such as welding and painting before they were ready for sale. 

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Write for us is a writing platform for writers to express their views and earn money. It is no doubt that for any new artist or band the internet is a great place where they can promote their music and get themselves heard. Promoting your music online is a great way of getting yourself noticed as well as having loads of fun while doing so.

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